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The new veo 16:128 enables the end user technician to use 128 probe elements for inspection and makes it possible to connect to larger single probes or multiple probes.

Increased Power & Capability is important for weld inspection applications where a linear scan from both sides of the weld is needed. The new veo 16:128 can utilize a pair of 64-element probes, allowing inspection to be carried out in a single pass, improving both the speed of inspection; and positional accuracy since the two probes are linked together.

Efficient and effective scanning can also be achieved when the new veo is partnered with Sonatest’s large Wheel probe which is capable of scanning a strip of up to 100mm in a single pass. The system is Ideal for large area scanning applications and corrosion inspection.

The challenging arena of aerospace composite inspection is made easier using the 128 element capability; as several inspection techniques for advanced materials such as GLARE have now been developed which require high resolution probes with 96 or 128 elements.

Further benefits to the new 16:128 veo include the capability of pitch-catch inspection techniques, merged c-scan inspections, top views and included UT Studio viewing and analysis software.

As with the 16:64 the menu system is intuitive and application and workflow driven, with set up and operation swiftly becoming second nature. Integrated Help and Wizards guide the user through scan set up whilst Optimization Tips ensure the veo always performs at the highest level. Fast and efficient wizards for sound velocity, wedge delay, TCG, DAC, TOFD setup and Encoder calibration are all provided as standard.

The Inspection Plan shows the operator in 2D and 3D where probes are positioned on the test part, simplifying the inspection setup and providing an inspection reference for reporting. Using the latest computer technology data can be permanently recorded for processing and report generation.

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