Cleaners/ Removers

SKC-S-spray Spotcheck® SKC-S is a non-halogenated material used in the liquid penetrant inspection process. SKC-S is used on a moist cloth to remove surface penetrant from the inspection area prior to applying developer.


Spotcheck® SKD-S2 is a non-halogenated solvent developer that meets major requirements for special alloy and nuclear applications.Spotcheck® is a ready to use suspension of white developing particles in a fast drying solvent. It produces an opaque white coating, which provides an excellent contrasting background for penetrant indications.


Zyglo® ZP-4B Dry Powder Developer is a free flowing, white fluffy powder used as a high sensitivity dry powder developer for Zyglo Penetrants. ZP-4B comes ready to use, and when applied, it forms as a thin film, enhancing indications of ultrafine discontinuities. ZP-4B’s high purity composition allows it to be used in applications where high purity is essential to the testing process.
Zyglo® ZP-5B Water Suspendable Developer disperses quickly into water to form an opaque white suspension. At higher concentrations, ZP-5B forms an opaque white coating which provides contrasting background for Spotcheck penetrant indications. ZP-5B should be continuously agitated during use to ensure uniformity of mix. It will settle out during standing. It can be applied by immersion dip, spray or flow on techniques.
ZR-10B Zyglo® ZP-9F Developer is a dispersion of organic particles in isopropyl alcohol and acetone that produces an opaque white coating which provides an excellent contrasting background for Spotcheck® or Zyglo®penetrant indications.
ZR-10B Zyglo® ZP-14A Aqueous Soluble Developer is used as a water-soluble developer for the enhancement of indications formed by Zyglo penetrants. ZP-14A produces a uniform white coating when it dries. The developer film is easily removed in post inspection cleaning by water spray. Once the developer bath has been made up, no in use agitation is required to maintain developer uniformity. ZP-14A can be used in open tanks without ventilation as there are no toxic fumes or flammability to the bath.


ZR-10B Zyglo® ZE-4E Lipophilic Emulsifier is a lipophilic emulsifier. It can be used in open tanks due to its low volatility and high flash point. ZE-4E is non-corrosive.
Zyglo® ZR-10E Hydrophilic Emulsifier – ZR-10E provides long tank life and excellent solution consistency for dependable, long-lasting performance in a variety of applications.