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The phoenix x|aminer is an easy to use entry-level non-destructive testing (NDT) X-ray inspection system with strong performance that is designed for the special needs of the high-resolution inspection of electronic assemblies, components and PCBA. Due to the new combination of CMOS flat panel detector and computed tomography (CT) the system provides significant better signal-to-noise-ratio, sharpness and life-imaging capability compared to image intensifier based CT. The powerful phoenix x|act base software for 2D and phoenix datos|x base for CT offers ease of use and allows manual as well as automatic inspection.

  • Unlimited lifetime 160 kV / 20 W X-ray tube to penetrate even high absorbing components
  • Improved live inspection capability due to high contrast CMOS flat panel detector option
  • Easy and fast computed tomography (CT) due to comprehensive software package
  • Intuitive operation and easy to use software
  • Live CAD data overlay Automated real X-ray sample map for easy orientation on top, bottom and even inside samples
  • Anti-collision feature to protect samples
  • Small footprint

The reliability of electronic assemblies strongly depends on solder joint quality. All dimensions and features of the solder joint are imaged: diameter, thickness (grey value), lands and contact areas (darker and brighter circles), voids (bright spots). All defects that have any influence on the solder joints shape are detectable. In addition to the visible surface the X-ray image reveals hidden features of the interconnection, which are most important for the reliability of solder joints. X-ray tube Detector.

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