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The x|cube series enables greater flexibility across all areas of industry, right on the factory floor. It helps you conduct reliable and thorough evaluations in any step of your process—from production and incoming inspection, to failure analysis, to research and development.

  • Wide application range from automotive’s fast throughput requirements with 30 fps at full resolution to aviation’s casting requirement of premium resolution
  • Visual real-time inspection combined with optional 3D CT capability
  • Simple loading with extractable parts manipulator for parts weighing up to max. 100 kg (300 kg at 320 kV version)
  • Max. sample size 600 x 900 mm (800 x 1,500 x|cube XL)
  • Patented extremely low vibration C arm manipulator, flexible swivel angle of +45° to -45°
  • Robust design and intuitive operator guidance with X-Touch® control
  • Panel Inspection task programming with teach and learn functions
  • Automated defect recognition (ADR) for high sample throughput
  • DICONDE standard compliant digital image analysis and data management
  • Short failure detection time with GE’s Flash!FiltersTM image optimization option
  • Optional basic automatic defect recognition for aluminum casting defects
  • Optional CT functionality for virtual 3D sections and quantitative porosity analysis
  • All relevant hardware and software components are GE technology Reduced maintenance – lower operating costs
  • Light metal castings
  • Special alloys
  • Steel components
  • Plastics / composites
  • Ceramics
  • Additive manufactured parts

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