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GE’s speed|scan CT 64 is a new automated high-speed computed tomography system for production process control and optimization.
Advanced medical GE gantry based computed tomography (CT) provides technology that has been established over a period of nearly four decades. With GE’s industrial speed|scan CT system, proven medical gantry based CT technology is now also available for revolutionary high-speed process control in industry. The sample is being transported through the tomograph and even cylinder heads can be scanned within down to 15 seconds. This 4x faster than the first speed|scan generation and several hundred times faster than conventional industrial fan beam CT. While the next part is loaded, the reconstructed CT data is automatically evaluated. By fast scanning of dozens of parts, quantitative production quality data is now available allowing immediate adjustment of the production process parameters, which have in the past been out of reach of conventional industrial fan beam CT.
  • Productivity and quality gain due to quantitative 3D automated defect recognition and dimensional control.
  • Cost savings due to faster product ramp up times and minimized rejects.
  • Up to 100 % 3D production control of large castings.
  • 64-channel data acquisition and patented quick-slide manipulator for rapid sample throughput rate.
  • Scan speed down to 15 sec. for a cylinder head allows several hundred times faster 3D inspection compared to conventional industrial fan beam CT.
  • Max. sample size ~600 mm diameter x 900 mm length (23.6” x 35.4”); max. scan diameter ~500 mm (19.6”)
  • Optimized ease of use and cost of ownership due to high grade of automatization.

Industrial X-ray 3D computed tomography (micro ct and nano ct) is used for the inspection and three-dimensional measurement of e.g. metal and plastic castings, composites, sintered materials ad ceramics. Materials distribution, voids and cracks are visualized three-dimensionally at microscopic resolution.

Reproducible 3D metrology with X-ray is the only technique allowing to non-destructively measure the interior of complex objects. By contrast with conventional tactile coordinate measurement technique, a computed tomography scan of an object acquires all surface points simultaneously – including all hidden features like undercuts which are not accessible non-destructively using other methods of measurement. In addition to 2D wall thickness measurements, the CT volume data can be quickly and easily compared with CAD data, for example, in order to analyze the complete component to ensure it complies with all specified dimensions.

Radiographic non-destructive testing is used to detect flaws in castings and welds. The combination of microfocus X-ray technology and industrial X-ray computed tomography (micro CT) enables defect detectability in the micrometer range and provides three-dimensional images of low-contrast defects.

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