Whether you need service at your location or in our calibration lab, the experienced and professional team at R-CON NDT provides the service you need for your nondestructive test equipment.

Repair & Calibration Services

Magnaflux Authorized Service Center

R-CON NDT is an authorized Magnaflux Service Center meaning we provide warranty and factory-authorized calibration and repair work to all Magnaflux brand equipment.

Certified Technicians

Our technicians are all certified in ________ and more information about how talented and experienced the staff is. Should we include information here about prompt services/turnaround? I would assume clients do not wish to have their equipment gone for long. Also, is this service provided only when a piece of equipment is broken or does it need to be done every so often (after so many hours of use, etc.). How can a client know if their equipment needs calibration or repair? Might that be a short article we could write and include on the R-CON NDT blog and use in social media? Any further info you can provide is welcome.

Authorized GE Repair

For GE Nondestructive testing equipment only.

Sonatest Authorized Service Center

What does it take to be an Authorized Sonatest repair & calibration center? Might it pay to list out some of their popular equipment that you service here in this area to help with search engine optimization???


Some capital equipment may require professional installation or start up training and R-CON NDT will assist you.

R-CON NDT Provides Solutions

Contact R-CON NDT when your NDT Equipment needs:

  • Repair

  • Calibration

  • Installation

  • Routine Maintenance

  • Warranty Work

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